O’REILLY: Let’s Talk Money

From BillOReilly.com

So, let’s talk about money since ’tis the season to be spending. No matter how much cash is coming to you, it will not be enough unless you’re disciplined with it.

An example from me, your humble correspondent.  Earlier this fall, I wanted to get my house painted. Big house, more than 100 years old. With every big expense, I shop around. Three companies gave me estimates. One for 65k, two 53k, and three 35k. 

Now, I used to paint houses during my college summer days, so I know something about this. I chose the lowest estimate, monitored the work, and it came out fine.

I saved $30,000 dollars by being disciplined. Let’s hope the paint job doesn’t go south next summer.

The point is that money should be respected since most of us work hard for it. Think about how you spend because the more cash you keep, the more protection from bad things you will have.

In a capitalistic country, money can buy anything.  But most importantly, it provides security and freedom.

Tonight on the No Spin News, the utter collapse of CNN, and what the left is trying to sneak into the crazy reconciliation bill.  See you beginning at six eastern. 

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