O’REILLY: Katie Couric is Settling Scores

From BillOReilly.com

Katie Couric has a new book and apparently she takes some shots at famous people like Martha Stewart. This is called score-settling.

I know Ms. Couric a bit and have always admired her skill on television, and how she handled the death of her husband from cancer. It wasn’t easy raising daughters alone while negotiating a high-powered career.

Many times I’ve been tempted to write a “tell all” book and believe me, I have some stories to tell. But I won’t do it. If I’m going to trash someone, I’ll do it to their face. It’s just my code.

We live in a world where negative sells. No question. Positive stories will not get you a big book contract unless it’s a self-help thing and Oprah’s on board.

I have seen some dastardly people throughout my media journey and many of them deserve the worst. But, again, I am not going to be the grim reaper. Makes me queasy.

My news analysis is not personal. I actually feel bad reporting Joe Biden is such a failure as president. It brings me no satisfaction to see him hurt the country. But he’s fair game because he has power over us, and my comments are fact-based always.

As Robert Duval said in The Godfather: “It’s business not personal, Sonny!”

Enjoy the weekend. A new column will be up Sunday at noon.