O’REILLY: Kamala Harris is in Way Over Her Head

So, now, everybody hates Kamala. That’s this week’s corporate media narrative. Of course, it’s based on nothing. Every source used to promulgate the theory is anonymous.

People believe what they want to believe. If you don’t like Ms. Harris, why challenge the new narrative. If people don’t like her, well, good.

Apparently, the folks that see Kamala Harris as an excellent addition to the Executive branch are few. And quiet. That devastating USA Today poll has her job approval rating at a minuscule 28 percent. Hannibal Lector territory. It was just after that poll that the anti-Kamala stuff began to appear.

I am pretty sure Joe Biden doesn’t care much for his second-in-command. She called him a racist in a primary debate. Hard to come back from that. If someone puts you into a hateful category – you don’t forget.

Mr. Biden selected Kamala to stimulate minority and women voters, not because he admires her senate accomplishments which were scant, to be kind. Now, with the winds of disfavor mussing up Kamala’s hair, Joe is not there for her.

But to be fair, Joe may not even be there for Joe.

The truth is that Vice-President Harris has shown the country nothing in more than a year. I don’t know if people in Washington are turning on her and I certainly don’t believe the corrupt press, which routinely reports rumor as fact.

I do know that Kamala Harris is in waaaay over her head. All giggles aside, it’s a competence thing.

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