O’REILLY: Jon Stewart Better Wise Up Fast

From BillOReilly.com

Jon Stewart told the Hollywood Reporter he is surprised his liberal tribe “pushed back” on him after he said the Wuhan virus came out of the lab over there in China.

Uh, Jon, the left is not like it was a few years ago when you were a progressive titan hosting The Daily Show.

Nope, today if you don’t conform 100 percent to the leftist platform, you are hammered. Ask Nicki Minaj. Ask Bill Maher. The far-left runs social media and any deviation away from progressive conformity can bring instant punishment from the Twitter trolls.

The truth is that Covid probably did come from the Wuhan Lab. That’s not an outrageous opinion, there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence to back it up.

But the leftists don’t want China blamed, so Stewart better shut up.

Back in 2012 when I debated Jon Stewart on the worldwide web, we could have some laughs while we disagreed about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Not anymore. Today, the net is a cyber demolition derby full of emotionally damaged sadists who live for smear opportunities.

Jon Stewart is coming back to TV but seems a bit bewildered by the changing landscape. He’d better wise up fast. Political discourse has devolved into the seven rings of hell in America.

And the devil is having a blast.

See you tonight for the No Spin News!