O’REILLY: Jon Gruden is Canceled

From BillOReilly.com

Jon Gruden is canceled. The coach of the Las Vegas Raiders and former ESPN announcer apparently wrote emails disparaging blacks and gays, so he’s gone.

And it will be difficult for the 58-year-old Gruden to find work in the future.

Now, you can decide if the verdict on Gruden is fair. Certainly, notable people cannot ever use racial and gender slurs. Unacceptable.

Someone fed Gruden’s emails to the press. That is to be expected in this world.

It is ironic that my old sparring pal Jon Stewart says that cancel culture does not really exist. Hard to believe Stewart feels that way. In America today any powerful person can be ruined at any given moment whether they deserve it or not.

We’ll cover the Gruden thing tonight on the No Spin News. But I’m going to zero in on the most important aspect of the cancel culture: fear. It’s real.

See you beginning at six eastern.