O’REILLY: Joe Biden is Violating his Oath of Office

From BillOReilly.com

So, yesterday I said on the Sean Hannity radio program that if Republicans win the House of Representatives in November 2022, a very real possibility, there is a chance President Biden could be quickly impeached. And it would not be a difficult move. Mr. Biden is clearly not enforcing immigration law at any level. That is a violation of his inaugural oath.

In the fiscal year ending September 30, about 72,000 foreign nationals were arrested by federal authorities, the lowest number on record.

In 2011, President Obama presided over a federal government that arrested over 322,000 undocumented people, most of whom were deported. That was a record-high number.

I also said the GOP politicians should NOT campaign on impeaching Biden because many voters are sick of that, having watched the Trump debacles.

President Biden is definitely committing a “high crime” by violating his oath. There is no question about that.  But two-thirds of the Senators would not vote to convict him. So it would be Trump-redux.

However, Americans need to understand exactly how irresponsible Joe Biden is. And a Republican-controlled House might be sorely tempted to deliver that message.

See you this evening beginning at six for the No Spin News. Tonight my lead analysis is the tremendous decline of religion in America.

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