O’REILLY: Joe Biden Cannot Run the Country

From BillOReilly.com

Another bad performance from President Biden. His pal George Stephanopoulos put him on Good Morning America and Biden said he has handled Afghanistan well. Meanwhile, pretty much every human being on the planet knows that is not true.

It is useless to criticize President Biden and those telling him what to do because there is no rational baseline for any discussion. Mr. Biden clearly cannot run this country. He is not capable of doing it, and neither are his advisers.

It’s interesting to think back on the Trump presidency. Up until Covid hit, there were few policy disasters. The economy was vibrant, the southern border was finally secured with the “Remain in Mexico” policy, and ISIS was largely defeated.

If Covid had not damaged America’s structure, Donald Trump would most likely have been re-elected.

Contrast Trump’s four years with Biden’s seven months. Is the USA a stronger country today? Even liberal fanatics like Stephen Colbert know the answer to that question.

Tonight on the No Spin News, we’ll update the Biden situation but will spend a lot of time on the rising tensions between Black and White Americans. Important program. See you beginning at six eastern.