O’REILLY: Jen Psaki Doles Out Propaganda

Yesterday I appeared on Eric Bolling’s Newsmax program and ol’ Eric was a bit annoyed by Chris Wallace. It seems the Fox News anchor recently said that Jen Psaki is a very effective White House press secretary.  

When Bolling asked for my opinion, I said Wallace was correct: Ms. Psaki does her job well.

But the key question is – what is her job?

And the answer is: to dole out propaganda.

All you need to know is this. With a straight face, Jen told the world that her boss, President Biden, refusing to go to the southern border is a good thing for the country.

As Joe might say: come on, gal!

If you accept the premise that WH press people must say what they’re told to say – then Jen Psaki is a master at that.

Or am I wrong?

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