O’REILLY: If Voter ID is Racist, Why Do Most Black Voters Support it?

Bill O’Reilly exposed the Democrats’ latest conspiracy theory surrounding voter suppression this week; simply asking how Republicans are actually making it harder for minorities to cast their ballots.

“Record turnouts from African American precincts… Doesn’t matter! Republicans are ‘suppressing’ the vote!’ It doesn’t matter… How are they making it hard for minorities to vote?? How? By asking for identification when you cast a ballot?” asked O’Reilly.

“How? This drives me nuts,” he added. “Everyone knows Joe Biden is not governing well. Anybody paying attention knows he’s having a tremendous amount of trouble.”

“I just want one human being in America who was denied the right to vote, or had to do something extraordinary… Just one, give me one! It’s the biggest con in the world,” concluded the host.

Watch O’Reilly’s comments above.