O’REILLY: Here’s Why We are All Fortunate to be Americans

From BillOReilly.com:

Midsummer and Covid are still in the air. Literally. But we Americans are far more fortunate than others around the world. We have effective vaccines and things are not nearly as restrictive as, say, Japan.

That is a wealthy country where citizens obey the powers that be. It’s cultural, a central government rule.  But Japanese scientists could not develop a vax so the people must wait in a long line.

Same thing in Australia. France. Brazil. Those countries could not protect their citizens with medicine so the mass suffering continues.

The anti-vax movement in the USA is adamant and their opinion is protected by the First Amendment. This has become an emotional issue as I analyzed last night.

Tonight on the No Spin News, I’ll read some mail on the vax. See you beginning at six eastern.