O’REILLY: Here’s to Hard Working Americans

From BillOReilly.com

So, it’s Labor Day weekend and here’s to every hard working American – we are the foundation of this country.

My parents taught me a strong work ethic and it has carried me for 50 years in the marketplace. I worked hard to develop my God-given talents and persisted until success found me.

I have to tell you that I met more bad people than good in the corporate world, but the fair managers made my career possible.

Now, I’m the boss.  And I continue to work hard hoping to set an example for my young employees. Those who have been with me a long time know the drill: we outwork the competition and prosper.

But enough about me, it’s your weekend too. Most of those who subscribe to BillOReilly.com are self-reliant and admire a life well worked. No free stuff for us. We’re old fashioned. We earn it.

New column coming Sunday.