O’REILLY: Fact-Finding Has Vanished from Journalism

From BillOReilly.com

You might be tired of hearing me say the national corporate media is corrupt. It’s true, and I think most of you are convinced after all the evidence we’ve presented. But there is another aspect here.

I worked for CBS News as well as ABC News. I was a general assignment reporter. CBS was a strange place because Dan Rather is a strange guy. However, the morning anchor, Bill Kurtis, was an excellent old school journalist. 

Peter Jennings at ABC was also a talented reporter/ anchor. He had standards. And you had better meet them.

The main driver of national journalism back then was uncovering important facts. Do that, you were rewarded.

Today most fact-finding has vanished. Many reporters take the lazy way out, parroting the obvious, using anonymous sources.

Many, but not all.

On Wednesday evening the No Spin News uncovered information the corporate media apparently could not find – not that they were looking. It has to do with the Biden vs Trump, January 6 story.

President Biden has issued an executive order demanding the National Archives hand over private conversations between President Trump and his top advisers on January 6, the day of the attack on the Capitol. Mr. Trump is trying to block, claiming Executive Privilege.

A liberal judge ruled in favor of Biden saying Trump does not have privilege because he’s no longer President. The judge is wrong and will be overturned.

Here’s what we dug out. On his second day in office, January 19, 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13489 that specifically states former presidents can legally invoke Executive Privilege with respect to records kept in the National Archives. That order is still in place.

Therefore, Donald Trump will win this legal battle.

So, congratulations to us. We did old school reporting. All the other media should get back to it.

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