O’REILLY: Donald Trump Outpolls Joe Biden

From BillOReilly.com

Expect the corrupt media to begin attacking Donald Trump more vigorously now that the former President is beating the present President in some head-to-head polls.

That’s not surprising, Joe Biden’s tenure so far has been a certified disaster and things are deteriorating every minute, it seems.

Now, Mr. Biden’s massive federal spending give-away legislation looks like it will fail. If a sitting president is having problems governing, it is much harder to get controversial things done. Picture rats and a sinking ship.

Therefore, there very well may be even more failure in Mr. Biden’s future leaving only Biden’s media allies to stop the bleeding.

Leftist editors and producers well know old Joe is not going to make a comeback, so another destroy Trump campaign will soon unfold. Bob Woodward is the spearpoint today but something new against Trump will soon arise.

On Sunday, I will file a column outlining how the corrupt media will attempt to save Joe Biden. Hope you read it. Enjoy the weekend.