O’REILLY: Detente is Not Coming

From BillOReilly.com

Everywhere I go, folks ask me if things are ever going to return to normal or even close. My answer is a cop-out: I don’t know.

Covid is a huge problem, obviously. A number of my vaccinated friends have gotten the virus. The anti-vax movement remains entrenched and the left is screaming for even more Covid restrictions.

Detente is not coming on Covid.

Then there’s politics. Half the country hates Trump, the other half despises Biden. No persuasion is possible there.

Donald Trump isn’t going to change his confrontational style and Joe Biden doesn’t know what he’s even doing. So, detente is not coming in the political world.

Just saw an NFL ad for LGB etc. Woke has taken over sports and entertainment. Things are absolutely crazy on college campuses and traditional Americans are insulted every day by the corrupt corporate media.

Did I mention no detente?

So, I really don’t know what’s going to happen to our country.  Next year the midterm election is vital. If the progressives continue to hold power in Congress, a very dark age will descend upon the land.

We will try to prevent that by reporting the fact-based truth every day. Thanks for visiting this weekend.