O’REILLY: ‘COVID is Over in the United States, It’s DONE’

Bill O’Reilly weighed-in Wednesday on the demise of COVID in the United States; saying politicians are increasingly aware the American public is done with the disease.

“Politicians have come to the realization that COVID is over in the United States. Done. Vaccinations are now available to most people,” said O’Reilly.

The vaccine is there for anyone who wants it. Because most people want it, the COVID cases are going down fast. The politicians, looking at the anger of the American people, don’t want shutdowns anymore,” he added. “They don’t want to wear the mask.”

“The signal comes from New York City. Mayor De Blasio is a communist,” concluded O’Reilly. “He said he’ll open the city on July 1st. Governor Cuomo despises De Blasio, so he says ‘No, we’re opening May 19.’ That announcement signaled the end of COVID. Obviously it’s going down fast.”

Watch O’Reilly above.