O’REILLY: Chuck Schumer’s Faux Outrage

The nation’s top virtue-signaler, Senator Chuck Schumer, blasted his guy Joe Biden yesterday for the rough treatment of migrants at the southern border.

Uh, Chuck, this is partially your fault, hombre. You support the President and cheered him on when he unnecessarily changed the Trump border policy that was working. Remember that? It happened last January if you’re hazy.

So now, millions of migrants are pouring into the USA and border officials are overwhelmed. Yes, some bad things are happening down there. Yes, you, your party, and the President directly caused those bad things.

Therefore, you might save the faux outrage and actually try to fix the problem. Is that too much to ask, Chuck? Protect the country and the poor migrants themselves?

I suspect you won’t even try. Prove me wrong!

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