O’REILLY: Biden Deserves the Blame

From BillOReilly.com

Usually, I don’t have time to watch cable news and I don’t make time because I don’t learn much.  Not that I’m so brilliant but I’m immersed in public policy and stay ahead of the curve as much as I can.

But last night I had Fox News on and it was brutal.  President Biden got hammered for hours.  But here’s the thing, Mr. Biden deserves what he got.  There are no two sides to this story.  Joe Biden and his acolytes are badly hurting the country.

Even his ardent supporters now know for certain that Biden cannot do the job.  If the economy goes south, and it’s heading that way, the progressive movement will blow up.

I’m not willing to root for a recession or inflation.  Too much suffering.  But I am hoping the progressives get what they deserve: massive scorn from the people.

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