O’REILLY: Andrew Cuomo’s Political Career is Over

Bill O’Reilly weighed-in Wednesday on the political future of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo; saying his “career is over” after the New York Attorney General confirmed he “sexually harassed multiple women.”

“President Biden is calling for Andrew Cuomo to resign as Governor of New York. Mr. Biden apparently believes the allegations against Cuomo as many people do,” writes O’Reilly.

“It is interesting that the President’s own accuser was never fully vetted and basically ignored by the corrupt media, which selectively covers allegations on a partisan basis,” he adds. “At this point Cuomo’s political career is over and he’ll most likely face civil lawsuits. I think it’s fair to say he has few supporters.”

Calls are coming from both sides of the aisle for Governor Andrew Cuomo to leave office after a 165-page report was released by state Attorney General Letitia James. The report confirms cases of sexual assault, misconduct, and an instances of retaliation against those who spoke out.

House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) issued a statement: “Governor Cuomo must resign and be arrested immediately. President Joe Biden must immediately call for Cuomo’s resignation. In December, I was the first federal official to publicly call for an independent investigation into Governor Cuomo’s sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.”

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