O’REILLY: American Media Helped China ‘Cover-Up’ and Lie About Origin of COVID

Bill O’Reilly called-out the American media on the ‘No Spin News’ Monday night; saying members of the press helped the Chinese Communist Party cover-up the origins of COVID-19.

“From the very beginning I told you that COVID was dangerous, I was the first reporter to do that, and it was not a biological attack. China didn’t order COVID to be unleashed on the world. It didn’t do that. What it did was lie to the world about how the virus got out to the people,” said O’Reilly.

“We know this from reporting by the Wall Street Journal…  The Chinese authorities knew that lab workers in Wuhan had some kind of crazy virus, of course they did nothing about it, and it spread around the world,” he added. “China covered it up, and the World Health Organization went along with it, so did the American media.”

Watch O’Reilly above.