O’REILLY: A Violent Subculture on the Rise

From Bill O’Reilly.com

As you may know, I like to spotlight unique stories that other news agencies have not discovered. Earlier this week, we focused on a new violent subculture rising in America. Made up almost entirely of young kids 13 to 26, this group defines itself by a lack of feeling for fellow human beings. They comprise the murderous drug gangs. They kill thousands of innocent people with no remorse.

And the progressive left does not want them punished.

Tied into the subculture situation is another story that has gone completely unreported: the growing disenchantment of the baby boom generation. Beginning in 1946 and lasting through 1964, boomers are now senior citizens watching their country change for the worse. Let’s see the USA through boomer eyes.

Motown gone. Vile rap pervasive.

Innocent dating vs. one-night stand hookups.

Hard work replaced by massive government entitlements for some who refuse to work.

Socialism. Atheism. Narcissism. All on the rise.

Disrespect for parents, teachers, the police, and others – rampant.

Tonight on the No Spin News, we’ll get down to why this is all happening. Hope to see you beginning at six eastern.

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