ONE MORE TIME! FDA Approves Second COVID Booster Shot for People Over 50

The Food and Drug Administration approved a second COVID-19 booster injection Tuesday for Americans over the age of 50 and some immunocompromised individuals.

“Federal regulators authorized second booster shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna coronavirus vaccines on Tuesday for everyone 50 and older. The move came after the Biden administration decided it should seek to bolster waning immunity in older Americans in case the virus sweeps the nation again in the coming months,” reports the NY Times.

“The Food and Drug Administration also authorized a second booster dose from the two vaccine makers for individuals with certain immune deficiencies, such as those who have undergone solid organ transplants. Those 12 and older can get Pfizer’s shot while adults can pick between Pfizer’s or Moderna’s,” adds the newspaper.

“The pandemic isn’t over, it isn’t over for anyone,” Dr. Nunez-Smith said. “But the reality is, it’s certainly not over in Black America.”

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