OL’ JOE IS ‘OFF HIS ROCKER’: DeSantis Blasts Biden for Threatening to Stop Funding for School Lunches Over Gender Ideology

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasted President Joe Biden and his administration after reports emerged that they planned to tie school lunch programs funding to policies that adhered to radical gender ideology, according to the Daily Wire.

“Touting his state’s 2022-2023 ‘Freedom First Budget,’ DeSantis said that he would make sure Florida was prepared to fight back if the Biden administration stripped funding for public school lunch programs over his state’s move to bar teachers from presenting classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual identity to children in kindergarten through third grade,” DW reports.

“In Florida, we are fighting against Biden’s intentionally destructive policies like denying school lunches for states that refuse to implement woke gender ideology in the schools,” DeSantis tweeted on Sunday.

“We’re prepared for what Biden throws our way,” DeSantis said. “And, you know, yes, part of it’s the inflation and the gas — part of it are intentionally destructive policies like trying to deny school lunch programs for states that don’t do transgender ideology in the schools, I mean, give me a break!”

“Totally off his rocker to be doing that,” DeSantis continued. “We’re fighting on that, don’t worry. So we’re just prepared to be able to defend the taxpayers and the hard-working people in the state of Florida, and I couldn’t be prouder for doing that.”