‘OFFENSIVELY NAVEL-GAZING’: Loesch Lights Up Cheney for ‘Tone-Deaf Ambition’ and ‘Political Jockeying’

After a complete blowout of a loss to challenger Harriet Hagman Tuesday night, Liz Cheney is planning on potentially failing into a new role; a tweet from NPR Congressional correspondent Deirdre Walsh teased Cheney’s possible next step.

“New: Cheney’s next step – her spokesman confirms she will launch new political org (1st reported by Politico) -says will ‘educate the American people about the ongoing threat to our Republic, and to mobilize a unified effort to oppose any Donald Trump campaign for president.’”

Conservative radio host Dana Loesch stepped in with a reality check for Walsh and Cheney.

“The biggest threat to the republic right now is insane inflation, recession, lack of energy independence, over-taxation, NOT political jockeying and tone-deaf ambition from disgruntled candidates. It’s offensively navel-gazing.”

But she wasn’t done yet.

Some reports suggest Cheney may make a run for the White House in 2024.