NOT-SO-SHOCKING POLL: Only 12% of Americans Say They Have ‘Great Confidence’ Joe Can Handle Russia Conflict

Another bad poll for Joe —and this time, from the left.

According to a recent NBC News Survey, only 12 percent of Americans say they have a “Great Deal of Confidence” that Biden can navigate the dangerous Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“The March 18-22 poll also showed that 16 percent of respondents have “quite a bit of confidence,” while 71 percent have “just some” or “very little” confidence in Biden’s abilities.

“The poll was posted the day after Biden appeared to demand a regime change in Russia, which is armed with many long-range nuclear missiles,” Breitbart reports.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden said at the end of a March 26 Warsaw speech, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden is already providing military aid and advice to Ukraine’s forces, including long-range missiles that have killed many Russians.