NOT-SO-SHOCKING POLL: Majority of Americans Believe Mainstream Media a Threat to Democracy

According to a recent New York Times/Siena poll, the large majority of Americans believe that the mainstream media is a threat to Democracy.

From The Daily Wire:

The poll, which surveyed 792 registered voters between October 9 and October 12, asked respondents to select one of the two following statements as aligning closest to their views — even if they did not match exactly: American democracy is currently under threat (71%); American democracy is not currently under threat (21%).

The poll then directed the 71% who believed democracy was under threat in the United States to answer a few more specific questions about where they thought the greatest threats were coming from. The answers were as follows:

Republicans: major threat — 28%; minor threat — 39%; not a threat — 29%
Democrats: major threat — 33%; minor threat — 30%; not a threat — 34%
Donald Trump: major threat — 45%; minor threat — 22%; not a threat — 31%
Joe Biden: major threat — 38%; minor threat — 22%; not a threat — 37%
Mainstream media: major threat — 59%; minor threat — 25%; not a threat — 15%

For the full poll breakdown, visit The Daily Wire: