‘NOT SEXIST OR RACIST TO SAY SHE’S A DISASTER’: Rep. Stefanik Goes After Kamala Defenders

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) isn’t buying the narrative that Vice President Harris is receiving so much blowback due to sexism and racism.

“There is nothing sexist or racist stating the fact that Kamala Harris has been an absolute disaster on every policy issue in her portfolio – especially the border crisis,” Stefanik told Fox News Digital. “There is nothing sexist or racist about the fact that if you put Kamala Harris on the congressional ballot in any district across America, she would lose because she can’t conduct a basic interview without embarrassing herself and Joe Biden.”

Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel famously attributed Harris’ struggles in office with sexism and racism. But female members of congress, like Rep. Stefanik and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) say that Harris’ is being judged solely on her failures.

“Conservative women trailblazers have been mocked and maligned by the liberal press for years,” Blackburn said. “You learn to deal with it and not make excuses. When Vice President Kamala Harris took office, she knew she was charting a new path and would have to prove herself at every step along the way. She could have used her platform to protect the women and girls in Afghanistan, secure the southern border, or reduce crime in our cities. Instead, she tossed aside the historic opportunity she had been given to criticize the tough media environment conservative women have been successfully navigating for decades.”