NOT IN THE SUNSHINE STATE: DeSantis STILL Won’t Enforce Vax Mandates for Healthcare Workers

Despite the Supreme Court’s decision that the Biden administration can maintain its  vaccination mandates for healthcare workers, Ron DeSantis says the state of Florida will not comply.

A spokesperson for DeSantis told USA Today that Florida law protects all workers from being fired if they opt not to get vaccinated —and that includes health care workers.

“The medical mandate for the nurses and doctors what they’re trying to do is insane. In Florida, we provided protections, so they were rehired,” said DeSantis.

“The state of Florida is not going to serve as the Biden Administration’s biomedical police,” Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Gov. Ron DeSantis, said in an email to the USA TODAY Network-Florida. “Firing unvaccinated healthcare workers, many of whom have infection-conferred immunity, is unethical and unscientific on its face.” 

Pushaw says it also harms patients “because hospitals in California and other states are now requiring vaccinated, COVID-infected healthcare workers to treat patients due to staffing shortages — which were exacerbated by vaccine mandates. How does that keep anyone safe?”