NOT IN THE LONE STAR: Abbott Intros ‘Turn Back’ Program, Will Deter Cartels

President Biden’s broken border policies have left it up to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Operation Lone Star to stymie the record-breaking influx of migrants at the southern border. In a recent interview with Breitbart News, Abbott highlighted some of the changes he’s made at the border, including a new “Turn Back” program.

“When we first began (Operation Lone Star) we were apprehending people and initially when we would apprehend people crossing the border illegally, we would turn them over … to the Border Patrol and/or ICE,” Governor Abbott explained. “Then when we realized the Biden administration was allowing these people to go free, we stopped turning them over to the Border Patrol and ICE and we started detaining them in jails that we created.”

“Now we have come up with a more effective strategy for preventing them from even getting into the country to begin with,” the governor announced. “There’s a new category called ‘turnbacks.’ We’re working on strategies that will turn back people that are trying to make it across.”

“We have different strategies to achieve that,” he explained. “In some locations where there’s a water line where there’s a river and people are trying to cross that river, we put razor wire down there so that people are unable to get across.”

“We also are using boats in water — we will build a boat barricade —  to prevent people from even being able to even get across the water.”

Abbot says a “show of force” will help to deter people from crossing into Texas.

“They see on the other side, there are several hundred National Guard waiting there to apprehend them,” he stated. “Through these strategies and others, we’re working to repel people from even coming across the border to begin with.”

Abbott’s and his team have their work cut out; more than 160,000 migrant encounters were logged last month —and it doesn’t sound like it’s getting better.

“Everybody that comes across the border comes across with the aid of cartels — the cartels are making money off of this,” the governor stated. “When the cartels realize, that because of the sheer force that we have in the Rio Grande Valley and they’re unable to make the kind of money they were making in the past, they will move their operations elsewhere.”

h/t Breitbart News