‘NOT COMPETENT’: Latest Polling Shows Most Americans Don’t Trust Biden, Say He’s Incompetent

A new Quinnipiac poll has Biden at his lowest approval rating since taking office. Even CNN’s Jake Tapper calls the numbers “brutal.”

According to Fox News, “Quinnipiac University released its results from its latest survey which show Biden’s approval numbers underwater. The president’s approval rating is at 38%, down from 42% last month. The survey, which was conducted Oct. 1-4, also showed disapproval of the president rising from 50% up to 53%.”

“These new poll numbers are frankly brutal for the president,” Tapper said during his CNN show “The Lead.”

“That’s the lowest approval rating Biden has had since taking office,” Tapper says. “More than half of the American people – 55% – say the Biden Administration is not competent in running the government.”

Watch the segment below.