NOT ALL HEROES WEAR MASKS: DeSantis Blasts Teachers Union on Mask Hypocrisy, ‘How Do You Think Kids Feel?’

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis took aim at Randi Weingarten and the American Federation of Teachers recently for Weingarten’s frequent violation of mask mandates; she claims, it’s too difficult to understand each other while wearing masks.

“I think the smiles matter, and particularly the young kids,” DeSantis says. “You will actually have school districts that will say, ‘We are relieving the mask mandate for high schoolers but we’re keeping them on those [kids in] elementary.” First of all, I don’t think you should have a mask mandate, period, but the elementary [students] are the ones that need to be able to see the interaction more than anything, cause they’re learning to speak and read.”

“And don’t tell me it doesn’t make a difference,” he continued. DeSantis addressed Weingarten’s comments when she said, “We took them off as people were having a hard time hearing us.”

“Heck, this head of the teachers union who tried to keep the schools closed all last year; she was found maskless, and she said, I took it off because it was too hard to understand each other wearing the mask.”

“Well, how do you think these schoolchildren have felt for the last year?”

Watch the clip below:

[h/t Daily Wire]