NO ONE TRUSTS UNCLE SAM: New Poll Finds American Trust in Government at Historic Lows

Can you blame them?

According to a new Pew Research poll, American trust in government is at historic lows. In 1964, 77% of Americans trusted the government; today, just 20%.

“Americans’ unhappiness with government has long coexisted with their continued support for government having a substantial role in many realms,” Pew found.

From The Washington Post…

Significant majorities say the government does “too little” on issues affecting certain groups, including the low-income, middle-income and retirees.

Trust in government is higher not only when government works better, but also when people have a better understanding of what government is doing, according to Teresa W. Gerton, president and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration, a congressionally chartered nonpartisan think tank.

“Republicans are less likely than Democrats to favor a major role for government in most areas,” the Pew report says, adding that “this is especially — and increasingly — the case for alleviating poverty.”

“The survey asked if government should play a ‘major role’ in 12 areas. Helping people out of poverty was last, with a slim 52 percent majority agreeing. Preventing terrorism ranked highest at 90 percent,” WaPo reports.

Senate Republics shared the news on Twitter, saying it’s no surprise with Democrats in charge.

“This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Democrats are in charge in Washington. A red wave is coming to get our country back on track!”