NO FREE LUNCH: Musk Cancels Free Lunches at Twitter, Gets Accused of Starving Employees

 Democrat activist Andrew Wortman is accusing new Twitter CEO Elon Musk of starving Twitter employees after the new Chief Twit decided to end free lunches in cafeteria at blue bird HQ.

“He fired ¾ of the employees. Now he’s planning to starve the rest of them. He’s failure incarnate,” Wortman tweeted in reply to an article about Musk.

“Is this a parody?” sideline reporter Tatjana Pasalic asked.

“I can’t tell,” Musk replied. 

Many conservatives blasted Wortman on Twitter, reminding him no one is entitled to a free lunch.

From Fox News:

New York law partner Ron Coleman appeared to mock Wortman by sending an Amazon link to the book “There’s no such thing a free lunch,” by Milton Friedman. 

“Here’s a book you might like,” Coleman wrote. “If you promise to read the whole thing I’ll even send it to you. Free.”

“Starve? Because well-paid employees have to buy (or bring?) their own lunch? What other industry gives employees free lunch? Surely you’re joking?,” former gymnast and author Jennifer Sey chimed in.

Ruby Media Group president Kristen Ruby admitted that she pays for her own lunch, and compared Wortman’s mentality to socialism, where people expect everything for free. 

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