NO BLINKEN CLUE: As War Rages, US State Dept Unveils Its ‘Equity Action Plan’ to Increase Diversity

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken unveiled his department’s ‘Equity Action Plan’ Thursday as a series of global crises escalated in Ukraine, the US-Mexico border, and the worldwide fight against the covid pandemic.

“Embedding equity in our foreign affairs work is a national security imperative. Our Equity Action Plan lays out how


will seek to ensure equity across U.S. foreign policy & assistance, public engagements & exchanges, grants, procurement, contracts, & consular services,” posted Blinken on Twitter.

The announcement sparked an immediate backlash.

“Is this what you should be worrying about?” posted one user.

“Ukraine problem solved!” added another.

Read Blinken’s full statement above.