NICE TRY, D.C.: Judge Blocks Law Allowing Kids to Get Vax Without Parental Consent

Judge Trevor McFadden has temporarily blocked a Washington D.C. law that would allow children as young as 11 to get the COVID-19 vaccination without parental consent.

Yes, these fights are still happening.

“States and the District are free to encourage individuals — including children — to get vaccines,” McFadden wrote in his ruling. “But they cannot transgress on the [National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act] Congress created. And they cannot trample on the Constitution.”

McFadden’s ruling addressed two separate lawsuits filed in July.

“In one complaint, a group of parents with children enrolled in city public or charter schools argued Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser could not enforce the law because it subverts the right and duty of parents to make informed decisions about whether their children should receive vaccinations,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Another lawsuit was filed by a Maryland father who said his daughter crossed state lines to enter Washington to get vaccinated without his knowledge,” the report added.

“A total of 42 states require parental consent for their children to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Two states, North Carolina and South Carolina, allow students to be vaccinated without parental consent as early as age 16,” the Daily Wire reported.