NICE TRY, BLAS: Judge Blocks NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate for City Employees

Mandates are being struck down left and right.

According to a report from Newsweek, New York Supreme Court Judge Frank P. Nervo has halted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for city employees pending a court hearing scheduled for December 14th.

“On October 20, de Blasio imposed the order that required all city employees to have at least their first shot by October 29, or face being suspended without pay. It affected roughly 160,000 employees and was met with much opposition. Police and firefighter union leaders warned that the rule would lead to staff shortages,” Newsweek reports.

“New York City will not give a single inch in the fight against COVID-19. Vaccination is the way out of this pandemic, and these are bold, first-in-the-nation measures to encourage New Yorkers to keep themselves and their communities safe,” de Blasio said earlier this week.

It sounds like Judge Nervo has put the brakes on Blas for now.

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