NFL PLAYER’S QUESTION FOR PELOSI: ‘If We Can’t Bet on Games, Why Can You Buy Stocks?’

Lions offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby has a simple question for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress who are playing the stock market with insider information.

“If as an NFL player we aren’t allowed to bet on games (which I fully agree with), why are government officials allowed to buy stocks/options?”

“I was just in bed having random thoughts, [after seeing an ad for sports betting, and] it just hit me. As an NFL player, I’m not allowed to bet on any NFL games. I can’t do any of that stuff,” Crosby told Just The News.

“But then you’ve got people in Congress, and they’re able to trade stocks despite being able to implement policies that can] drastically affect the market. They can essentially manipulate a stock.”

That’s right, they can: