NANCY’S BRUSH WITH COVID: Vaccinated Pelosi Aide Tests Positive for the Virus

The unidentified Speaker aide had been in contact with Texas Democrats who fled to D.C..

According to Fox News, “Drew Hammill, a top aide to Pelosi, said the unidentified staff member was fully vaccinated and did not have recent contact with the top California Democrat, though the speaker’s office is taking extra precautions as a result. 

“Yesterday, a fully vaccinated senior spokesperson in the speaker’s press office tested positive for COVID after contact with members of the Texas state legislature last week,” Hammill said in a statement obtained by Fox News. 

Pelosi and staff have returned to a strict mask protocol as an extra precaution.

When asked by reporters if she thought masks should be mandated again on Capitol Hill, Pelosi replied that decision is, “up to the Capitol physician.”