MUST WATCH: Chip Roy Delivers Powerful Patriotic Speech

High drama on Tuesday as the House of Representatives failed to select a Speaker of the House. Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California fell short of securing the 218 votes required to become the next House speaker in the second and third rounds of voting on the House floor Tuesday afternoon.

During the proceedings, Rep. Chip Roy of Texas delivered a powerful message on the House floor prior to nominating Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio for Speaker prior to the third round of voting.

Watch Roy’s powerful speech below:

“The fact is, this place has to change, and the change comes by either adopting rules and procedures that will make us actually do our job, or it comes from leadership,” Roy told the packed chamber. “We’ve made progress but we do not have the tools to stop the swamp from rolling over people.”

“I don’t want anymore empty promises,” Roy added. “I don’t want anymore, “Oh, don’t worry, trust us, we’ll do it.” I want to know that we’re going to be able to exercise our rights as a member of this body to stand up for the American people and actually fix this country. And it’s not going to happen when we use our men and women in uniform and defense, and wrap ourselves around that, and then spend more money we don’t have, weakening that defense, weakening our country in the process.”