MUST SEE: Woman BLASTS Liberals Telling Her What To Think Because She’s a ‘Black Person’

A fed-up woman posted a viral video on social media this week after being told she must think a certain way because of the color of her skin; telling the camera she “does what she wants” and only honors “God and my mom.”

“I see this all the time. You’re trying to invalidate the opinions of people based on the color of their skin. What you’re implying is that I -as a Black person- am supposed to think a certain way. That doesn’t fly for me. I do what I want,” said the woman.

“I honor God, and my mom, and I pledge allegiance to the flag. If you didn’t birth me, die for me, or your name’s not Uncle Sam, I don’t owe you a damn thing! If you have nothing to add to the conversation, just scroll!” she added.

Watch the incredible video above.