MUST FLEE TV: Olympics Ratings Continue to Tank; Advertisers Getting Nervous

Nobody is watching the Olympics.

According to a Fox News report, NBC’s Olympic viewership continues to plummet to new lows. Less than 15 million people checked in on Monday night – nearly half the audience of the Rio de Janeiro Games when compared to a similar night.

Now, advertisers are wondering if their money wouldn’t have been better spent elsewhere.

“Variety senior TV editor Brian Steinberg wrote that the drop has spurred ‘advertiser anxiety’ which hasn’t been eased by the news that legendary American gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from team competition and fan favorite Naomi Osaka was eliminated from tennis medal competition,” reports Fox News.

“The size of the declines from the previous Rio Olympics have unnerved advertisers, who are believed to have invested more than $1.2 billion in the sports extravaganza,” Steinberg wrote. “Little surprise, then, that NBCU and several media agencies have entered into discussions for ‘make goods,’ or ad inventory that is given to sponsors when a program fails to meet its original viewership guarantees.”