MUSK ON BUILD BACK: ‘Can This Bill. Don’t Pass it.’

Billionaire Tesla tycoon Elon Musk trashed President Biden’s Build Back Better bill during the Wall Street Journal’s annual CEO Council; Musk said the Senate should not pass the bill.

“I would say can this bill, don’t pass it. That’s my recommendation,” Musk told the audience. “If this bill happens or doesn’t happen, we don’t think about it at all really,” he said. “Honestly it might be better if the bill doesn’t pass.”

According to the Independent, “the colourful CEO…took issue with how the $2 trillion spending package would add to the ‘insane’ federal budget deficit, and would have the government incentivising certain business, including with up to $12,500 in incentives for electric car buyers.”

Biden excluded Musk from his electric vehicle summit earlier this year. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki hinted to the press corp that it was because Tesla is not unionized.