MORE CUOMO CHAOS: NYT Report Says ‘Love Gov’ Cuomo Hid COVID-19 Death Rate ‘For Months’

A new report from the New York Times is shedding more light on scandal-plagued Andrew Cuomo, this time claiming his staff intentionally hid COVID-19 death numbers from the public for months.

“Aides to the New York governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, repeatedly prevented state health officials from releasing the number of nursing home deaths in the pandemic,” reports the NYT.

“But by the time the policy was rescinded less than two months later, it had become clear that not all the deaths were being included in that tally: Those who died after being transferred to hospitals were not counted as nursing home deaths. Lawmakers and others began asking for a complete count of all resident deaths, but the governor’s aides said parsing the numbers was difficult because of a fear of double counting, among other possible errors,” claims the paper. “The governor has denied wrongdoing and urged patience as the inquiries proceed, even as prominent New York Democrats, such as Senator Chuck Schumer, have called for his resignation. Mr. Cuomo has held on to support among many Democratic voters in recent polls, but on nursing homes, he has received sharply negative marks.”

h/t New York Times