MON DIEU! Kamala Brutally Mocked for Delivering Address Under Misspelled Louisiana Sign

Vice President Kamala Harris was brutally mocked Wednesday after she delivered a major address under a sign that misspelled the state of Louisiana.

Images of the speech went viral as the senior Biden aide spoke under the word “Lousiana.”

From Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris kicked off a stumbling week by giving an interview in New Orleans under a White House graphic that had “Louisiana” misspelled.

Harris was in Louisiana over the weekend to attend Essence Fest, a music festival and political event focused on social issues, particularly those affecting Black women. Harris participated in a 30-minute interview at the event, and social media mocked her for sitting under a sign that misspelled Louisiana right under the vice presidential seal.

“Vice President Kamala Harris. New Orleans Lousiana,” the sign read, neglecting that the letter “i” appears twice in the state’s name.

Neither Harris nor the interviewer addressed the typo during their talk.