‘MEDIA WHORES’: Former AG William Barr Blasts Intel Officials Who Dismissed Hunter Biden’s Laptop

During a recent appearance on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show, former AG William Barr absolutely tears into the 51 supposed intelligence experts who branded the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation.

“What about the 51 intel experts, from Michael Hayden, who served in a Republican administration, to Leon Panetta, some guy that comes off as somewhat balanced, former Republican, former CIA director, to Mike Morell, all saying this is classic Russian disinformation,” Kilmeade says. “You never believed that. And why would 51 people, many very respected, put their name on a letter like that?”

“Because they’re political whores,” Barr says. “And it was wrong for them even to put out a letter because they didn’t know the facts. They had zero information; they did it as a political ploy to help Biden win the election.”

Barr says later, “One of the funniest things about this whole thing is the media saying, ‘We’re finally now able to authenticate it.’ That could have been authenticated within one or two hours. As you say, there are emails there, you call up people, even people who are tangential, and say, ‘Did you send this email?’ And they’d say yes, and then it would start verifying that this was authentic. And that could have been done quickly. Less than 24 hours they could have had a good idea whether it was authentic or not. How long did it take them?”

“A year and a half,” Kilmeade replies.