McConnell: I’m ‘Proud’ Republicans Spent $1.7 Trillion With Democrats

House Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is doing a victory lap after the Senate advanced a $1.7 trillion year-long federal government funding bill on Tuesday.

The bill runs more than 4,000 pages and includes $772.5 billion for non-defense discretionary programs and $858 billion in defense funding.

Watch McConnell praise working with Democrats below:

“Admittedly I’m pretty proud of the fact that with a Democratic president, Democratic House, and Democratic Senate, we were able to achieve through this Omnibus spending bill essentially all of our priorities,” McConnell told the press on Tuesday.

Included in the bill is roughly $45 billion in new aid for Ukraine, $2.6 billion for US Attorneys to further prosecute cases related to the January 6th riots, $11.3 billion to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate extremist violence and domestic terrorism.

Mitch McConnell has shown he has no spine in Washington and is more concerned about his wallet and maintaining the status quo of the uniparty. At that point, what difference does it make if they won’t even fight for you anymore? Jesse Kelly explains why the whole thing is tempting him to just vote Democrat.