MASKS OFF IN IRELAND: Northern Ireland Lifts Lockdown Rules, Getting Back to Normal

Lockdown rules will be replaced with guidance, officials say.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, “Health Minister Robin Swann has ripped up Northern Ireland’s Covid rulebook — with all remaining legal restrictions replaced by guidance.”

“Masks, Covid certificates in nightclubs and limits on numbers meeting indoors in private homes are among the measures to go in a bonfire of the pandemic laws.”

“With the reduced threat from the Omicron variant, we can move away from an emergency and legalistic framework to a new approach where making safer choices is embedded in our daily lives,” Swann says. That means all of us continuing to do our best to cut down risks of infection and transmission.”

“It means looking after each other by following the public health guidance. It must always be remembered that taking unnecessary risks with Covid may affect people who are particularly vulnerable to the virus.”

“The most vulnerable as a result of underlying disease remain susceptible to severe illness and it is important that we all do what we can to protect them.”