MAN WITH A BAN: DeSantis ‘For Sure’ Would Ban Trans Surgeries for Minors

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was asked about chemical castration and transgender surgeries for minors – and he’s not a fan. In fact, he’d sign a bill banning such procedures.

“I’m very much opposed to chemical castration of minors,” DeSantis replied. “I think that that’s a really, really— I think, honestly, I didn’t even know that this existed until a few years ago. So that would be something that I would sign for sure.”

Earlier this year, Florida lawmakers introduced legislation to ban transgender surgeries and procedures for children, titled the Youth Gender and Sexual Identity Act, but the bill died in a Professions & Public Health Subcommittee on April 30,” The Daily Caller reported.
Gov DeSantis already collected a big win this week, working with the Florida Board of Education to ban critical race theory.