MAGA STRONG: Trump-Endorsed Candidates Undefeated, Don 55-0

If there was any doubt about Donald Trump’s influence over GOP voters, we can put that to bed.

“According to an early tabulation of his betting on the 2022 primaries, his endorsed candidates have all won or moved into runoffs,” the Washington Examiner reports. That makes him 55-0. Undefeated.

“President Trump’s historic endorsement streak of success continues unabated,” former White House Political Director Brian Jack told Secrets today.

“He’s 55-0 in midterm primaries — undeniable proof that his endorsement is the most powerful endorsement in politics,” he added.

“Of the 55, five Trump-backed candidates have been pushed into runoffs, and Team Trump does not view them as losses,” the Examiner reports.

“We count runoffs as a win too — they didn’t lose,” said a Trump adviser.

Donald Trump Jr. says the “America First movement is alive and well.”

“Tens of millions of RINO dollars spent to stop my man @JDVance1 in Ohio and they call it before 9 o’clock. The America First movement is alive and well people. Congrats JD, well done.”