LYIN’ LIGHTFOOT: Chicago Mayor Insists Crime Declining Despite Evidence to Contrary

Things got a little uncomfortable between Mayor Lightfoot and the press when Newsmax reporter William Kelly questioned her on the spike in violent crimes in the Windy City.

“Sir, I ask you to get your facts right,” Lightfoot replied. “Crime is not out of control in our city. In fact, crime is on the decline. All of our major indices show a decline in crime, and our homicides and our shootings year over year are down. That’s a fact, Sir,” the mayor said.

Things got worse when Kelly tried to ask a follow up and got shut down.

Lightfoot responded, “Sir, I was polite and allowed you to spew your rhetoric, which is offensive to me and others, but I’m trying to be polite and professional and answer your question. But if you want to write your own narrative, and irrelevant to what I’m gonna say and what the facts are, then we’ll just move on to the next reporter.”

Shooting incidents in Chicago are up 15% at the same point last year, and are more than double the level they were at two years ago

Watch the exchange below.