LOWERING THE BAR: Record Retirements Force NYPD to Relax Fitness Standards

In the wake of the Blue-state experiment that was “Defund the Police,” many departments are seeing record retirement numbers —it’s gotten so hard to fill seats, the NYPD has made its fitness test easier.

According to a report from the New York Post, the department has replaced a 6-foot high climbing wall with a chain link fence after video emerge last year of wannabe cops trying, and failing, to climb.

From The New York Post…

The “Barrier Surmount” is one of six tasks that comprise a physical exam known as the “Job Standard Test” that would-be cops have to pass before beginning six months of training at the academy in Flushing, Queens.

And to boost the passing rate, the 3-minute, 28-second time limit that was in place in 2019 was extended by nearly a full minute — to 4:28 — last year, according to the NYPD recruiting videos posted on YouTube.

One disgusted cop said “it’s really not hard” to pass the fitness test, which includes repeatedly running up and down a six-step staircase and using a weight machine that’s supposed to mimic struggling with a suspect.

“If you can’t pass the basic requirements for being a police officer, you shouldn’t be one,” the veteran cop said.

In addition to easing the Job Standard Test, the NYPD appears to have scrapped a rule that required recruits to run 1.5 miles in 14:21 or less to graduate from the academy.

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